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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Superfast Berkshire

Businesses and residents across Berkshire have for some time been demanding better broadband services and studies have shown that Superfast Broadband (24Mbit/sec or faster) can give a real boost to local economies. Broadband providers are scheduled to roll out superfast broadband to 80% of premises in Berkshire before the end of 2015, but this will leave over 37,000 premises without this valuable utility.

The six Berkshire unitary authorities (Councils) and the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership(LEP) are working together to promote Superfast Berkshire, an exciting programme designed to bring fast broadband to everybody in the county.

The Government has promised £1.43million  to support Berkshire's Superfast Broadband programme. Superfast Berkshire will use this money and other funds to deliver superfast broadband to at least 90% of premises across the county and standard broadband (2MBit/sec or faster) to the remaining 10% of premises.

By registering your support for this programme you can demonstrate demand for broadband services to broadband providers and help shape Berkshire's Local Broadband Plan.

More info @ :- Superfast Berkshire - Superfast Berkshire


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